Gigi Gets Way Too Stoned!

bloggin lol hahaha ok my blog today will be about a tipical dinner date with me and heather starlet… so we went out to CPK and ended up getting the hottest waiter there…threw out the night we giggle at how cute he is and heather joked about pinching his butt…lol we giggle and plot about how she would do it but never got a chance when he would come over…so finally were done and leave i turn around he laughs at me and says have a great night in a weird way i didnt understand till i got out side and found heather on the floor laughing cause she pinched his butt and ran so it looked like me…grr hahaha its on till next dinner

Editors Note: If you can make any sense of this please comment below.

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Gigi Contempates Her Next Sexual Encounter

after I returned from running errands yesterday my throbbing pussy told me to make it happy and it wasn’t going to stop til she had her fill. thinking about how horny i was i couldn’t decide weather or not i wanted to feel the soft caressing skin of a beautiful woman sliding on top of me and kissing me everywhere or or the masculine muscular sweating body of a sexy man filling me up and making me scream….so gigi gets what she wants and she decided the only way to be 100% satisfied was to have the steamy pleasure of both at the same time! soooo sexy to have both telling me how good i feel and beautiful i look! so i think ill have bolh tomorrow night!! as of tonight its off to bed with my wand 😉

(stay tuned for video)

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GIGI Rivera Does Halloween…

Hi guys (and girls;-p)), I had a super wild Halloween. It was so crazy, I can’t remember a bunch of it. Me and my buddy Heather Starlet went out to a party at XXXJay’s house. He owns our agency. We were dressed in some sexy Halloween costumes…

We were hella blunted out and took a few hits of E. There were a couple guys at the party we were going to take advantage of, but we decided to go home and take advantage of each other!!

See it now on my new site!!

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

Hi again,

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Wow, my cool new blog wooohooo!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking out my new blog! I’m going to have soooo much fun posting stuff on here. Hopefully you don’t get too sick of my rants!! 🙂


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